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INTERVIEW: Wednesday 13

WIKIPEDIA BIO: Joseph Michael Poole (born August 12, 1976) is an American singer and musician best known by his stage name Wednesday 13. As well as his solo career, he is known for being the frontman of Murderdolls. He has also played in several other bands, including Maniac Spider Trash, Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13, Bourbon Crow, and Gunfire 76.

Last week I talked with the legend himself about the upcoming tour of Australia, a new album and the possibility of an autobiography.

"We're booked right now up to August. We're figuring out the rest of the year. We'll be in the studio recording the follow-up to 'Condolences' before the end of the year. Our plan is to have it recorded and finished before the end of the year and hopefully have it out around summer next time. And we'll be touring non-stop and just trying to keep this machine going."

He continued: "We're trying to build the band's profile bigger and better and just take the band to the next level. For me, I wanna build Wednesday 13. I'm not satisfied with where we are. I always wanna progress and I wanna get bigger. And I think that's with every musician — you wanna be heard. You don't do this because you don't wanna be heard; you do this 'cause you wanna be heard. And I wanna get on a bigger scale and I wanna be able to put on a show that people will walk away from and say, 'Oh my God! Did I actually just see that happen?' So that's the path we're on. And we're gonna see what happens. But things are good in our camp, and we're excited."

Wednesday 13 also confirmed that he is "absolutely" planning to write an autobiography, recounting his early years as well as the past two and a half decades in the music industry. "That's another thing on the list," he said. "After doing all the acoustic shows, that was something I realized — I've got a lot of stories and I've got a lot of interesting things to tell. And it's also a unique story of where I come from and how I got involved and all this. Even if you didn't know anything about me, it's entertaining. So that is on my list of things to do. So that's something that you could see soon." (transcribed by blabbermouth.net)

Listen to the full interview!

Click the tour poster if you wanna see Wednesday 13 LIVE!

Check out the new stuff he will be playing!

Davey Suicide will also be playing all Australian dates

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