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Here are a few highlights from my exclusive interview with TesseracT vocalist Daniel Tompkins. You can listen to the entire interview below. Click the YouTube link, show support by hitting 'Like' & 'Subscribe'.

On returning to Australia this September to promote the new album Sonder...

Daniel: "Absolutely, I think it's our third or forth time coming over, every time we come over we have a really great time, the audiences are very responsive, it's a great atmosphere. I just hope we get more time to visit the beach"

The concept and the writing process on the new album 'Sonder'...

Daniel: In the past it's normally been Acle [Alec "Acle" Kahney] who is the main guitarist and producer and would write the majority of the material. However every album we've done we've slowly started to incorporate more people whether that's been our second producer Aiden O’Brien or other members of the band who've started to step forward to create more music.

This time we wanted it to be a fully cohesive album. Where as in the past it's been quite difficult for us to all contribute because we live quite separate from each other. This time we we're all in the UK, we managed to get together a few times to speak about the kind of direction we want to go in. That being that we wanted to take elements from each album and create the next step in TesseracT or a hybrid Tesseract. There's been a lot of file sharing. There's been a lot of creating small ideas that kind of transpire into bigger lengthier songs. It's like creating a jig-saw, a big sonic jig-saw basically putting pieces together. Bits of music putting it together until it kind of transpires into something cohesive. it's very rare that we will create a full song before I come in and add my vocals.

The concept. I came across the word 'Sonder' a few years ago when I was browsing social media. It kind of slipped my mind for awhile. When we were thinking up ideas for this album it sorta came up in my head again. I tried to find it in the dictionary, the Oxford English dictionary if you will. I couldn't find it anywhere which surprised me. I started to research it on Google and found it was actually a coined word by John Koenig who is the author of "The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows". He's very beautiful at putting it into words with thoughts and emotions that maybe we hadn't considered. The meaning of "Sonder" is basically all about perspective when you realize that everyone around you is living vivid and complex lives. I've really found the idea quite eye-opening because it's a sensation I've felt personally for a few years and every time I speak about it to other people they can relate to it on some level. So that was really the beginning of forming a concept around 'Sonder' in essence. "

What is was like watching George and Ryan from the YouTube channel 'Lost in Vegas' reacting to the song "Luminary"...

Daniel: " I wasn't actually aware of them until a few months ago. It just kinda popped up in one of my Facebook chats and I checked it out and I was kind of surprised, it was nice of them to pick it up and give it a shout out really. It was a good reaction. It's always interesting to see how people respond to your music, it kind of puts you on the edge of your seat a bit. When you see peoples reactions you want it to be positive half the time. It's very interesting how people receive our music, very varied responses in all honesty. It's mainly all positive I have to say but the music is so complex at times some people don't get it on the first listen. Just like they were trying to explain the rhythms we use and the timing is quite complex, it kind of requires some thought and absorption.

Listen to the full interview below!

Touring Australia nationally this September!

What did George and Ryan from 'Lost in Vegas' think of their new track 'Luminary'?

'King' from the new album Sonder... Check it out!

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