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Listen to an exclusive interview I did with L.A Guns front-man Phil Lewis. We cover a wide range of topics from re-uniting with Tracii Guns, to recording the new album "The Missing Peace" and his thoughts on the upcoming tour of Australia.

Here's an except from the interview about his thoughts on Axl Rose recording new material as the frontman for AC/DC

"Yeah, if they can come up with some songs, and it sounds good… Because, clearly, Angus isn't ready to retire, and it's highly unlikely that Axl's gonna do another GUNS N' ROSES record. So, yeah, why not? Fuck it — it might be interesting to see what those two come up with. I hope they do it.

Axl sure can nail… he nails Brian's parts really well. He can hit the notes, but he just doesn't have the gravel; it's a little clean when he does it. And that's a tiny, tiny criticism, because he does it so well. But Brian Johnson's just got that grit. But, yeah, it'll be interesting to see what happens."

Listen to the full interview below

Make sure to catch the live show in May!

Check out their new song "Speed"!

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