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INTERVIEW: Lindsay Schoolcraft (CRADLE OF FILTH)

Here's an exclusive interview I did today with Cradle of Filth keyboardist and opera vocalist Lindsay Schoolcraft. We talk about everything from the new album "Cryptoriana – The Seductiveness of Decay" to appearing on the Banger TV YouTube channel and to news on her new solo album and collaboration with Xenoyr from the band Ne Obliviscaris. Here are few highlights from the interview below. Make sure to click the YouTube link provided if you want to hear the entire chat. By the way Cradle of Filth are Australia right now! Make sure to check the tour dates down below and get you're ticket if they're coming to a city near you!

Levi: "What are your personal favorite tracks from the new album? [Cryptoriana – The Seductiveness of Decay] "You Will Know The Lion By His Claw" is one of my favorite tracks."

Lindsay: "That one we are actually playing live and it seems to be going over well with the live audiences, I really like "Heartbreak and Seance" I didn't even know it was going to be the single to be honest with you. it was one of the songs that earlier on I really fell in love with and thought it was really cool. I feel like it's a sister-brother song to our song "Blackest Magick In Practice" from our last album "Hammer of the Witches". It's very driven by Rich's [Richard Shaw] bluesy guitar parts which is neat. And I also like "Wester Vespertine" it's a darker more extreme track that really has a lot of groove to it. I'm really happy with the new album and how it came out, I'm really proud of the guys too."

Levi: "I noticed Dani has a new look on this album, did you change your costume at all for this album?"

Lindsay: I got really lucky in the sense that I knew what I wanted to do with "Hammer of the Witches" and with "Cryptoriana" it was kind of a continuation for me and a little bit of a different level. When it comes to Dani, yeah he did, we got some new costumes made and he's had the same Power Rangers looking body suite for the past 5 years and he won't ditch it or give it up and I don't know why and I've told him like "dude, do this with your make up blah blah" but he's very set in his ways so I kinda feel like I can't tell him anything anymore which is fine. I like what we've done, I have a lot more ideas that I'd like to contribute but it depends on the timing and the budget for future releases and concepts and all that. It's cool, Cradle of Filth is very 'dark realm' which I can express myself in visually and it's forced me to be a better make-up artist and a better costume designer and I rather enjoy it. I like having input in the concept part of the band.

Levi: "I've seen some posts about you working on new Schoolcraft solo material, it there anything coming out soon?"

Lindsay: yes, actually it's really exciting. For the past 2 years I got in touch with... I can't say who it is yet, sadly, but it will be revealed later this year and the album should be out later this year. I was contacted by someone that has been influencing me since I was in my teens and they said "hey, do you want to write an album together?" and I literally had to pull over the car and have a freak-out. We've been working for the past 2 years in-between tours , we love writing together, we had about 17 songs at one point and I was like "hey, we need to cut this down" so we got it down to 13. This person pushed me to be a better songwriter, I did things I've never done before, I pushed myself to hire a kids-choir and Gregorian chanters I even got my electric harp and threw distortion on it to follow along with the guitars and I feel like I've really out-done myself and it's just the beginning and I'm already writing up roughs for the next album and third album which is crazy. It's being mixed right now by a very talented producer from Oshawa [Canada] named Tyler Williams and he's been doing an excellent job, he's just so fantastic. I'm doing well but obviously I'm not the most well-off musician and he's one of those people that are like "alright, how much do you have? and what resources do we have to make it happen?" and I think that is what makes a brilliant producer. We made this album sound very big for very little money and I'm very proud of that and we did it all in Oshawa and the other person did it all from The States. I'm really proud of it I think it's my best album yet. It is quite different from Cradle of Filth, it's more influenced by early 2000s Hard Rock and Nu Metal and I'm really proud of it and can't wait for everybody to hear it."

Listen to the entire interview below

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