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On describing what a PAIN live show is like:

Peter: "I would say it's a lot heavier than what it is on the albums. I think we're more like a real metal band onstage and stuff like that. There's a lot of head-spins and running back and forth. There's a lot of tempo onstage. We just give everything. One of these days, the head is going to separate from the neck and roll out to the crowd. [Laughs]"

On PAIN's current lineup:

Peter: "I got my son [Sebastian] on drums. I actually kind of changed the band two years because the band that I originally had since 2007 started to crack. Since I've never been so active with PAIN touring and playing live, they can't sit around and roll their thumbs. It was five years since the last album and I guess everybody moved on, so it was time to put a new band together. I think this lineup is definitely the best. It's the most fun to watch for the crowd, for sure. The musicians are so well-skilled, doing harmony vocals, doing the shit on the albums. Yeah, it's really cool. It's a lot of tempo onstage, like I said. It's more, almost like a death metal band on speed. [Laughs] We try to stick to what's played on the album. My son played on the album, anyhow. He knows every hit from the new songs but was born into PAIN and HYPOCRISY stuff anyhow because of me, so he knows the songs anyhow from the past."

On HYPOCRISY, Tägtgren's long-running death metal band:

Peter: "We have four more [PAIN] gigs after the Australian tour, we have festivals. During the summertime, I'm going to try to complete the HYPOCRISY album. We got some songs, but we need more. I need to get Michael [Hedlund, bass] more involved again. He hasn't been writing for nine years, but he's going to be back."

On the musical direction of the next HYPOCRISY studio album:

Peter: "I really don't know. It can still change in the feeling of the whole album so far. So, I don't know. I think it's going to be a mix between old and new HYPOCRISY."

On whether LINDEMANN, Tägtgren's project with RAMMSTEIN vocalist Till Lindemann, will release the follow-up to 2015's "Skills In Pills":

Peter: Yeah, definitely. I mean, we wrote some songs for this theater in Hamburg where they put on 'Hansel And Gretel', but we did it in a twisted way. We wrote some songs for that play, so we have a few songs laying around, so I wouldn't be surprised if something comes out."

On whether LINDEMANN will have to wait to release another album once RAMMSTEIN completes the touring cycle for their next LP:

Peter: "Definitely. I'm pretty positive on that. I mean, RAMMSTEIN is in the studio right now and has finished their new album. I think the album will be out next year and around Christmas. So they need to tour behind it, so maybe in a year and a half, we can start on a new album. I don't know; we'll see. It's hard to say. Maybe they will tour the world twice and we have to wait three years. I don't know; it's really hard to say."

On whether he has any free time given his busy band and production schedule at his famed Swedish studio, The Abyss:

Peter: "Yeah, more and more. I try to be more efficient when I'm in the studio. Instead of sitting there for eight hours, I can sit there nowadays for two hours and still achieve the same thing I would do in eight hours ten years ago. So, I don't know…I'm 'studio smart' now because I don't want to wear out the studio. I don't want to be there more than I need to. In the past, I was there 24/7. I don't want to be tired of it. It's why I only choose to be there for not so long every day. Most of the time, you sit and think instead of being creative when you're writing at the same time and recording. It's important not to be there too much. Only when you have an idea and you spill it out in two hours and it's done."

On his favorite bands to produce:

Peter: "All of them. When you sit and listen to an album two million times before it's done, you get into what you do. So, I really like all the bands that I recorded. They're all different from each other, but it feels like I've been a part of it when you sit and work for months."

HYPOCRISY's latest album, "End Of Disclosure", was released in March 2013 via Nuclear Blast Records. The CD was produced by Tägtgren at his Abyss Studio in Sweden. The artwork was created by Wes Benscoter (SLAYER, KREATOR, NILE, VADER).

PAIN's latest album, "Coming Home", was released September 2016 via Nuclear Blast Records.

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