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On the new album "You're Not Alone"

Andrew W.K: "To be frank my only hope and ambition was to get it done. Actually finish and release an album. I had such a difficult time mostly due to my own shortcomings and personal flaws and also due to some outside circumstances, not all of which were entirely bad but which caused this whole album project to take almost 10 years. So I simplified my goal and really tried to just focus on taking physical action every single day towards getting to the finishing line. As far as themes, messages, concepts, stories and overall ideas I would say they were largely swallowed into my subconscious while I just focused on working and trying to follow my instincts as much as possible. So I was really glad that it was finally completed and I was surprised that it was as cohesive as it was."

How to motivate yourself when you feel overwhelmed

Andrew W.K: "Perhaps the idea of setting aside that mental process and trying to become somewhat of an automatron, to allow my body to take over, the body is already engaged in a lot of automatic processes like breathing and the heart beating, your cells maintaining some king of continues effort to hold together. Sometimes I will apply that same thinking to the tasks at hand, I feel very obligated to make the most of the chances I've been given, I'm extraordinarily lucky in just about every possible way and I feel like I have to take advantage of these opportunities and this quest that has for whatever reason called upon me in this small way to try and deliver a joyful and triumphant type of entertainment. It's good sometimes to have a promise, if you have a promise that's a type of pressure that's supposed to remove your own momentary lack of willpower to the equation, it's not a matter of choice at that point, it's a matter of commitment and that can be very helpful I've found."

What it was like to be a speaker at a 'My Little Pony' convention in 2012

Andrew W.K: "They were very kind I suppose, I was invited and it's not my custom to go where I'm not invited. It was unexpected to be invited too.... invited to anything really. I'm always surprised when I'm asked to participate in an event or a pre-established community or a scene such as a cultural convention let alone 'My Little Pony'. I'm very familiar with 'My Little Pony' its original version when I was growing up, the toys of course and also the new version of the show 'Friendship Is Magic'. The convention was very heart-warming, there were all kinds of people of all different ages, it was a very family friendly event and I tried to learn as much as I could from the pervasive attitudes which was one of extraordinary gentle inclusive friendliness coupled with a real kind of optimistic open-mindedness. I wasn't sure that I would be welcomed because I don't know a lot about 'My Little Pony' besides what I already mentioned to you. I was really overjoyed with how kind everybody was and how accepting. Sometimes when you find a group of people that come together around a certain interest, if someone isn't as familiar with their certain passion as they are they can take offence to that person or at least leave them on the outskirts but this community was extraordinarily welcoming, almost as though that was their mission to be as friendly as possible. I suppose since the shows title is 'Friendship Is Magic' then that's the reason they maintain that attitude, they were very nice."

On Dave Grohl and The Foo Fighters giving Andrew W.K a big break early in his career

Every opportunity in those early years were a massive opportunity and getting to play 2 shows with The Foo Fighters was no exception. I didn't have a band yet, so I just played by myself and I thought it was really daring and adventurous of the people in The Foo Fighters to even allow someone who didn't have a band to perform before they went on stage, they took a big risk. I actually think the audiences were quite disappointed with what I presented and I don't blame them, it was very early on when I was still trying to figure out how to do all this... as I still am. But he was very encouraging and very nice, very down to earth and very light-hearted, a very incredible drummer, singer, performer and guitar player. It's alwaysa privlage to be around someone that accomplished.

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