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INTERVIEW: Michel "Away" Langevin (VOIVOD)

On the upcoming tour of Australia

We really want to try build something where we can come back and as soon as possible afterwards. Right now we are putting a set list together, we wanna play stuff from the first 7 albums and material from the new album "The Wake"

On recording the new album "The Wake"

The chemistry in the band right now is really fantastic, we found sort of a fresh style and everyone collaborated. Chewy was the main composer, we really worked like crazy. Frances who owns the studio we are recording at these days really went crazy and did lots of layers of music, it was a long trip and it's a pretty intricate album so it was a relief when it came out and was so well received, the reviews are amazing, people love it.

On the early Metal scene in Canada

We did get influenced a lot by Rush and Triumph and around I'd say 1980-81 bands came up to northern Quebec where we are from, bands like Exciter who were are a huge influence on us. They sort of opened the doors for the Thrash Metal bands that came out like Oblivion and then in the early 90s bands like Goreguts and Kataklysm and all that. When we started we were pretty much the only Thrash Metal band around, the older bands were more Heavy Metal. But it really was like perfect time with like what you said about the Bay Area Thrash like Exodus and Megadeth and Metallica and Slayer. Also at the same time there was a huge Thrash Metal explosion in Europe, in Germany mainly. So our first tours were with Celtic Frost and it was quite exciting because the movement was really exploding.

On how Jason Newsted (former Metallica bassist) ended up playing in Voivod

We met in the 80s, when they'd play in San Fransico we'd come to the shows and when they played Montreal we defiantly saw them. In the 90s Jason, Piggy and I did a lot of musical projects together at his studio in California. When we decided to reform around the end of 2001 maybe. We decided to write an album and we phoned Jason and he was super excited to be part of it. It was just meant to be Jason as a guest musician on the album but he loved the experience so much he asked to join us, so we were super happy but at the same time he joined Ozzy (Osbourne) so we spent the whole year of 2003 playing with Ozzy, a good part of the year anyway. So he (Jason Newsted) was playing 2 shows a night for many months, it was just insane, he is such a warrior.

On what Jason Newsted is doing these days...

We talk, a couple of years ago we did a show at San Fransico and he came to play Voivod with us with 2 bass players, we did the same a few years ago at HellFest. I really don't know why he stopped his musical projects, he always does musical projects with Frances at the studio and is always busy. I know he is very much into painting for the past 15 years or so and it's something he enjoys very much I believe. But last time I saw him he seemed to be at a very good spot

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