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INTERVIEW: Lindsay Schoolcraft (Cradle of Filth)

On the upcoming Australian tour which kicks off on New Years Eve...

Lindsay: "I'm excited to come back, I'm a little bit nervous about the harp set. I know the DJ set will be fun and easy. I'm just getting over a hand injury at the moment so I'm kind of like the drummer from Def Leppard so I'm playing my harp with my left hand. I'm a little nervous about that but honestly I think I'll be okay once my hand heals. It's just from the heavy travel with Cradle of Filth and I'm just an idiot and overexert myself. So i'm just going to do that for now. My fans are really cool and understanding If I just turned up and played with one hand I'm sure they'll love it.

It's going to be pretty light and lay back, my background with harp is with my folk training. There will be a bit and that and then there is going to be a rock/pop kind of thing. I will definitely be covering Nymphetamine and I'm also doing another cover. I'll be doing two originals from my album which is going to come out next year and two other originals that people already sort of know. "

On the upcoming Schoolcraft solo album due for release in 2019

Lindsay: "I'm still keeping who I wrote it with a secret. But it's kinda known to the world now that the title is called "Martyr". The themes throughout the song are about dying for what you believe in or for what you love or for justice or for the lifestyle that you're living or whatever else it may be. We're trying to land a release date for next year, it's already been mastered, it's been finished, it took two years, all of 2016 and 17 is when I wrote it with the person I collaborated with and I have some guest vocalists on it. It's very much like a Hard Rock album, it has a little bit of Nu Metal in there and a little bit of Gothic Rock. I'm really excited for people to hear it, I put my heart into it, so there's a little bit of a nostalgic sound in there and the whole team i did it with is on-board for the second album so it's exciting times."

On separating musical ideas for solo albums and Cradle of Filth...

Lindsay: "It comes randomly, sometimes I'll get an idea and I'll the that belongs in Cradle of Filth and then I'll get an idea and think "this belongs in my solo". Most of my vocal lines go straight to my solo project but i actually wrote a vocal line recently and was like "this is Cradle of Filth". So when I get back after this Australian tour we're going to start working on the new album and I'm going to present the idea to the guys and I really hope they like it. I keep hearing this melody in my head and I'm like "this is so Cradle of Filth" like "this needs to happen" so hopefully they like it and want to work with it. So it just depends on what comes to mind because there's a lot of things people don't know about me I've written for Pop music, I've written for Country music, I've been a backdoor writer here and there sometimes and I like being versatile but I'm creative and I'm always getting new ideas but you've gotta know where to pocket it."

On whether Cradle of Filth will record another duet ballad like 'Nymphetamine'...

Lindsay: "We've been trying for the past few years and It just hasn't happened and we don't want to force it if it's not meant to happen. If for some reason on this next album somewhere in there is a duet ballad and it happens organically we'll do it one thousand percent. But I think going on with the mindset that we need our next Nymphetamine, I think that unless we have the heart and the topic and the fuel and the motion to make that happen then I don't think we should force it, you just shouldn't force something if it's not happening organically. Hammer of the Witches and Cryptoriana happened very organically. So if it does happen I'd like to be on-board for it, but if it doesn't happen then I'm okay with it too. My goal for the next album is to help the guys with the lines if they need my help for anything like the female vocal lines and to contribute some piano and harp, that's really all they're expecting from me and I totally can deliver so we'll see what happens."

On religious fanatics picketing a Cradle of Filth show...

Lindsay: "They were like yelling at our fans, they were like being mean to our fans and calling them sinners and saying they were all going to die like a horrible death. So I was like "no... no no no", so i was getting irritated because they were talking to my fans like they were garbage humans and they're not, our fan are all good, good for the most part. And I was like "no, how dare you.. you don't even know these people. So I went out and they didn't want anyone to talk to the person who is yelling so I started to get people to start chanting "there is no hell" because no one has seen it, no one has been there, I don't believe Hell exists, life is hard enough. So yeah, i was so mad at them that day. I think I would handle things a bit differently now. I'm going to ask for a megaphone on the rider so I call yell back at them. I believe religion can be a good thing when it's used in a positive way to help one another but when it's used as a tool to put down others and hurt them and be disrespectful then I think we've lost vision on what religion really is." | "I don't think that Jesus was a bad guy, I think Jesus's teachings were pretty cool, I think that Jesus would be my homeboy. Some people just don't think before they do things and they don't realize when they kind of put their foot in their mouth."

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Australian tour dates (Click the poster for a link to ticket sales)

Check out Lindsay doing her solo version of Nymphetamine!


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