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REVIEW: STEEM MONSTERS (Blockchain Battle Card Game)

I've been playing STEEM MONSTERS now for over a week so I thought I'd share my initial impressions with you.

Overall I'm pretty impressed with the game, I've always thought if Cryptocurrency's are ever going get "mainstream" recognition and acceptance, it needs to offer services to which have "mainstream" appeal.

So for anyone that's unfamiliar with STEEM MONSTERS it's a digital battle card game similar to games like "Hearthstone", "Magic the Gathering" "Pokemon" and "Yugioh". When I first heard of the game I thought it might be a bit "second rate" in comparison to the big name battle card games I just listed, but I gotta say my initial assumption were wrong. The game is genuinely fun, extremely addictive, somewhat challenging and the graphics and animations look very professional.

I've never been massively into battle card games although I do like classic card games like Poker and Blackjack and I also really like 'Triple Triad' which is a mini-game featured in the game Final Fantasy 8. The only reason I decided to play the game is because I think Steemit is a brilliant website and has been a great way for me to get my website content (sticksforstones.net) to a larger audience and gain a reasonable amount of Steem coins in the process. Playing STEEM MONSTERS was just another way for me to help support Steemit so I figured it was worth a look.

The rules of the game were simple and easy to pick-up. The initial start-up deck might seem pricey at $10 for 30 cards but I consider it to be "worth it" these cards are digital assets in the same way the 'gun skins' in CS:GO (Counterstrike) are. It is possible to win games without spending lots of money, as long as you select your cards wisely you can win lots of games. You earn cards over time by winning games, if you do plan on rising up the leader boards then you will have to be very patient and acquire more cards over time or you can buy cards from other uses on the market. Which in my opinion is the cheapest and best way to build a strong card deck or you can buy booster backs which give you 5 randomly selected cards for $2 (US Dollars) a piece.

Is it possible to make lots of Steem Coins playing the game? I would say it is possible. If you are able to build up a powerful card deck you could realistically earn over 150 cards a week! These cards can be used to add to you collection or you can sell them for a few cents for a low rank card to $100+ for rare legendary/rare cards. Obviously to get to this level it would require a fair bit of "grinding" but it could be a way to earn a decent extra income if you've got the time to kill (pun intended). Keep in mind that over time if the game builds up more popularity the rare cards you collect will become more scarce and "in demand" over time.

Over time I hope they add more 'battle modes' and features to the game. For the game to reach a mainstream popularity they really need the game available on "IOS" and "Android" I hear they are working on this now and it should be out later in 2019.

SOO.. if you like Steemit and you like card games then STEEM MONSTERS is very much worth checking out. I like it and hope you do, make sure to challenge me to a battle @sticksforstones

If you want to check out the game please use the link below. It's my affiliate link which grants me 5% of lifetime purchases made by my referrals. You will also be able to refer friends and benefit too once you sign up!

Click the banner to play now!

Check out @steemmonsters on steemit.com for more info and updates!

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