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A quick Q&A with Jonas Renkse (Bloodbath / Katatonia)

Are you looking to playing Southern Slaughter Festival in Sydney and Melbourne next month?

Jonas: "Definitely, Australia is always a treat, and this being the first time for Bloodbath will make it extra exciting, I believe."

Other capital cities are missing out on this run. Do you think you may return to play more shows in the future?

Jonas: "I hope so. Death Metal needs to be spread far and wide for all the sickos out there."

How does playing in Bloodbath compare to playing in your main band? (Katatonia). Is it about getting back to your roots?

Jonas: "Very different, especially since I don’t have to be the frontman/singer in Bloodbath. It’s great to play the bass and just get along with the brutality. Definitely back to the roots, as Death Metal is what started the game for me and Anders (Nyström), even though Katatonia is a completely different entity these days."

What are your top 5 favourite Bloodbath songs to play live?

Jonas: "Chainsaw Lullaby, Soul Evisceration, Cancer of the Soul, Bathe in Blood, Eaten."

What were the first 5 albums you listened to most growing up?

Jonas: " Iron Maiden - ”Killers” and ”Piece of Mind”, Motörhead - ”Iron Fist”, Imperiet (swedish rock band) - ”Synd”, and of course a bit later on Metallica, my fave being ”...and Justice for all”. "

Are you currently working on a new album? Can you give us any hints as to when the next album will be out?

"Not right now, our latest album came out in October last year so we are still busy promoting it. In due time there will be more time for the good ol’ Death."

Check out Bloodbath playing Sydney and Melbourne at Southern Slaughter Festival

Bloodbath - Bloodicide

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