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On the new single 'Night of the Witch' from the new album Titans of Creation

Eric: I'm surprised the record company went with that one as the first single. I'm happy about it because it's one of the faster, heavier songs from the album. I also sing part of the chorus, Chuck (Billy) calls it my 'witch' voice.The album is a fairly diverse record, it's got some moodier melodic songs and plenty of fast heavy ones too. We worked with Andy Sneap again, he's a real professional, I think this record's production is some of his best work yet. The mix is just extra heavy and crisp, I think fans are going to really like it.

On the upcoming shows in Australia

Eric: I can't wait to play the Download Festival and I think we get to do one of our own shows whilst we are there as well. We haven’t been there since 2014 and it was super hot. But we love coming down to Australia, it's a great place.

On the differences between Eric and Alex's riffs:

Eric: Mine are more evil sounding, Alex is more technical. Mine are a bit more simple, a bit moodier and sinister. While Alex is more into shredding. We work really well together and play off each others styles.

Advise for young musicians starting out:

Eric: Be true to the sound you want. If you’re obsessed with something, and you know that’s what you want to do and that’s your sound, then you need to stick to that formula. And if you write your songs, you need to find some people who are not strong-headed like you, you need to find some good players that like what you do. Then guide the way, but don’t be a dick; you can’t turn into a dictator when people give you the reigns. When you become the leader it’s easy to turn into an asshole, but if your band is not going to listen to you, then you’re not gonna have your sound. It takes the whole band to become a team, but every team has to have a leader.

Download Festival Line-up and Tour Dates


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